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Can I walk in the race?
Yes, walkers are encouraged to participate in the race. Make sure to line up at the back of the starting pack so you don't interfere with the faster runners.

What is your position on headphones?
Headphones, earbuds, etc. are strongly discouraged as they pose a safety hazard for the runners around you.

Are strollers, bikes, rollerblades or pets allowed on the course?
None of the above are permitted due to insurance liability. In addition, the timing company prohibits those items from crossing the starting and finishing timing mat.

If I can't run in the race, can someone else run in using my number?
Do not allow another runner to use your number. A person running in your place can lead to serious errors in the results and deny legitimate winners of their prizes. Also in the event of an accident or medical condition, wrong information may have serious consequences. It is highly unethical to run with another persons number.

Where do I put my bib number?
Your bib number should be pinned to the front of your shirt and visible to the people helping at the finish line. You will not be allowed to cross the timing mat without your number.

If I don't register, can I still run the race?
Do not run the race if you did not register. Doing so can cause errors in the recordings of times and positions of those who legitimately entered. People who do so are called "bandits" and may be refused entry into other races.